Your product and service is unique. This includes an image that appeals to your target group.

My way of doing things

Each project starts with the research phase where the problem question, target group, opportunities and threats become clear. This is followed by the conceptualization phase, where a clear direction is chosen after several iterations. The chosen direction is further developed in order to be able to test and deliver it.

Every project is different and therefore also the choice of resources you deploy. Means to convincingly get your message across to your target group. During the research phase, these means are defined to make your product or service a success.

Brand positioning
Corporate identity development
Upgrade of your current brand
Illustrations 2D / 3D
Wireframing (structure)
Visual design (UI)
Functional design (UX)
Interactive applications
Upgrade of your current website
Short animations social media
Explainer video
Application animation on the web

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